How Does it Work?

About Just Gifts

Since 1883, The Salvation Army has fought poverty and social and spiritual distress in New Zealand, helping more than 120,000 people in need each year.

We are also part of an international Christian organisation and are proud to help support The Salvation Army's vital mission overseas - in countries where people fight poverty and injustice on a daily basis.

Just Gifts is a great way to support The Salvation Army's work in some of those countries. You can buy a gift online knowing exactly how that money will be spent and that it will go to those who need it the most.

And as thanks, we will send you a card which you can pass on to a loved one - letting them know that you've purchased a gift on their behalf. 

How does Just Gifts work?

  1. Choose a gift (or gifts). Follow the instructions shown on this page to securely complete your payment using a credit or debit card.
  2. We will send you a tax-deductible receipt, along with a card (or cards) relating to that gift.
  3. You can relax in the knowledge that lives and situations are being changed thanks to your generosity.